Thursday, October 31, 2013

What do you Read or Watch to get you into Halloween Spirit?

I have this tradition that on certain holidays I re-read certain books or comics or re-watch certain episodes or movies. On Halloween, I usually re-read Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree or re-read a creepy comic.

You can see how the Joker now wears his
face like a mask because it no longer completely
aligns with his face. 
Yesterday, DC appropriately released Batman Vol. 3: Death of the Family. This is one of the creepiest comic book arcs I have read in a while (with the exception of Swamp Thing 23.1: Arcane). Scott Snyder's (the current writer of Batman) version of the Joker has become both psychologically and physically frightening. This physical aspect of the Joker has drastically changed in the New 52 because at the beginning of the DC reboot the Joker had his face (voluntarily) cut off and now he wears his face like a mask. This face/mask concept becomes a strong and frightening image in the Death of the Family storyline that shakes Batman to his core values and changes the Bat-Family forever. I highly recommend this collected edition, especially because the first printing of this graphic novel has a special edition acetate jacket that when lifted reveals Joker's mutilated face!
(For me this is one of the creepiest moments in the Death of the Family story when the Joker tells Gordon (while the Joker is killing Gordon's policemen) that at night he hides underneath Gordon's bed listening to him.  The Joker truly is the monster under the bed.) 

For me, Scott Snyder and Ray Bradbury get me into the Halloween spirit. What do you re-read or re-watch to get into the Halloween Spirit? What reminds you of the child-like joy of Halloween or what scares you into the Halloween spirit?

Let us know what gets you into the Halloween spirit in the comment section below.

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