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Zero Unity: Weekly Comic Review - 11/13/13

This week I was able to read and review three comics.

Batman #25 (DC) Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Greg Capullo.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are one of my favorite comic book teams currently working. They continue to elevate Batman and his mythos with every issue. Issue 25 is the start of the second mini-arc within the 11 month Zero Year story. Riding off the heeling of the extra sized issue 24 with its large confrontation with the Red Hood gang and the conclusion that the Riddler puts the entire city into darkness right before a hurricane hits Gotham, issue 25 is centered around character and relationship development. We see the first moments in the Batcave, more conversations/relationship building between Alfred and Bruce and more development of Gordon and his perceptions of Batman. This issue introduces what seems to be the New 52 version of Dr. Death (who first appeared in Detective Comics #29 in 1939 - the third comic to ever feature Batman) and an early look at Poison Ivy. I finished the issue wanting to know how Gotham and Batman are going to survive the dark city and end the Riddler's rule.

I love the colors used here. 
The pencils by Capullo and the colors by FCO continue to amaze me. They are both noticeably approaching Zero Year differently to set it apart from the current Batman look and feel. While the story and writing in this issue is paced much much slower then #24, one can easily see that Snyder is getting the characters in order for a large confrontation months down the road.

If you are not reading Batman, then you are missing out on the best New 52 title. 
I give this issue a 8.8 out of 10

Justice League of America #9 (DC) Writer: Matt Kindt, Artist: Tom Derenick

JLA #9 continues to follow Martian Manhunter and Star Girl as they explore the twisted mental prison that has imprisoned the other league members. Those that are bought into the Forever Evil storyline (like myself) will find this issue interesting as it explores the insecurities of the different league members. For those that are fans of Kindt's characterization of Martian Manhunter will particularly love the last few pages of this issue as it touches on Manhunter's weakness to fire and how is a result of Manhunter's self-inflicted guilt.

The original solicitation indicated that Manhke was on pencils but was switched with Tom Derenick's. While Derenick's pencil work was adequate, I am a large fan of Manhke's work (especially his version of Manhunter) and think that it would help elevate the series. Kindt's writing was solid and enjoyable for those following Forever Evil. 

For recommend for fans of Forever Evil, Martian Manhunter, and Matt Kindt.
I give this issue a 7 out of 10.  

Unity #1 (Valiant) Writer: Matt Kindt, Artist: Doug Braithwaite 


This was my favorite issue of the week by far. It was engaging, interesting, action pack, and left me with a good amount of mystery and suspense. I am becoming a bigger fan of the Valiant Universe every month and this is a great time to jump on (there is a chart on the inside of the cover that gives an explanation of XO-Manowar up to this point which sets the stage for the comic).

XO being a badass.
The genius of all Valiant books and characters is that no character is clearly a hero or a villain. All the character's featured in Unity possess this trait of "greyness" when it comes ethics, intent, villainy, and courage. Matt Kindt brings the characters to life and make you sympathize with some of the them (i.e. XO) and leaves you questioning other's (i.e. Harada). I am looking forward the coming confrontation but more interested in how the individuals will work together and how this will impact the other characters of the Valiant U. and the politics of it's earth (Will Russia start a nuclear world war III??). The action was great and well paced and I finished the comic wanting to know more. I thought I was going to just pick up the first one, but I think this will be a regular in my pull box.

I highly recommend for fans of Kindt, the Valiant Universe, or those wanting to know why so many love Valiant and it's characters. 
I easily give this issue a 9 out of 10.

Do you agree? Disagree? What did you love or hate about these comics? 
What comics do you read and why?

Let us know down below in the comments section. 

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