Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pax Romana is getting the TV treatment!

Over here at Elephant Robot, several of us are big fans of Jonathan Hickman's deliriously good Pax Romana, a heady graphic novel that involves time traveling priests, WWIII, and more text than you might read in a proper non-graphic novel. Hickman books are  the anti-Game of Thrones…he assumes you can maintain focus and attention in the midst of robust dialogue and doesn’t hide his ideas in "sexposition," as it were.

We've just learned that the lovely people over at SyFy (the SciFi channel is dead! Long live the SyFy Channel!) will be adapting Pax Romana it for the small screen. Which both excellent and terrifying. Excellent because TV is where a complex concept like Pax Romana needs to live. Terrifying because, well, it's still the SyFy channel and they're not exactly known for amazing programming. I mean, Warehouse 13 is a good time and all, but great TV it is not.

But let's not lose the forest for the trees here: Pax Romana is about to become a TV show. And that. Is. Awesome!

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